After Sales Service
Change Spare Parts

We provide warranty date for 3 years.
When spare parts are not working during warranty, clients only could take pictures with broken parts including the LED chips, we will provide spare parts freely soon. You only need to take action as mentioned above, we will mark the model number for parts.

Product Warranty Period

We provide warranty date for 3 years.
Extend products warranty.
We offer extended warranties for all our products and they can be tailored to each customer's preference, warranties for parts can be added on a yearly basis, or for multiple years.

Installation Services

To assure our equipment is properly and safely installed, we offer user manual and installation videos to help clients have a better understanding of our products.
Receive Technical support-Customers with technical questions related to equipment should email to get support and solutions of any issues, meanwhile, you can take photos to show us the problems you meet with. We will get back to you ASAP.
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