Overhead Surgical Lamp(1250,000+160,000LUX)
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Illumination 120000+160000lux Up doctor head temperature <1℃
LED chips Cree of USA Panel type LED display with touch screen panels
Color temperature 3500-5000k Ceiling minimum height 2400mm
Diameter spot 150-300mm Back-up battery 12V optional
Light adjustable steps 1-9 Power 110-240V; 50/60Hz
Restore color index 95-98 Package wooden case
Shadowless proportion 98% Packing size 102*74*70cm
LED using life >50000h Gross weight 100KG
Work distance 500-2000mm

1  LED surgical light has the significant energy-saving effect.
2  Green and clean technology
3  LED light are an extremely environmentally friendly alternative to conventional light sources. They contain no heavy metals, consume very little energy, and have virtually unlimited life.
1 Shadow free light: large ellipse light head and large light field diameter offers optimum illuminate in obstructed area and the symmetric shape of lamp head provides perfect shadow control.
2 high shadowless rate, high definition
3 Long life use and energy-saving effect.
4 With the digital control system, the storable brightness can be stepless adjusted and color temperature available to adjust between 3500 to 5000k.
to a suitable emergency power supply.
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